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Imagine a world where we have overcome the fear to feel our hearts, where guilt and shame is forgiven and transformed within us so that we can act out of integrity and for the good of all in each moment.


Life is more than the 3 dimensional realm that we have entered and that we have learned so much about. We can consciously reconnect to the source and become aware of our inner world that unites everything that exists.


We have come a long way. Further than we might see. By remembering what we brought into this world upon arrival of this life we can heal the hurts and step into our divine power. Love is the greatest power of all and by opening our hearts we can fully be the pure light that we are.

There are a many things that have helped me to see the beyond of my being:
12 years of yoga practice and becoming a certified Yoga Teacher and a certified Hypnotherapist. Doing meditation (Vipassana), past live regressions, many healing sessions in Germany, Bali, Peru, Australia and France as well as different detoxes and cleanses. Receiving the master level in Reiki and being in a shamanic education. The healing work and train
ing with Mari Nil and her connection to the christ consciousness affected my work immensely and I am forever grateful and blessed to have met Mari. I was also honoured to be initiated in giving Shaktipat in the lineage of Nityananda in Ganeshpuri, India.