VonHealing | Therapeutic Oils
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Therapeutic Oils

The essence of plants – Essential Oils (Young Living)


Our essence is only covered in these moments where we can’t fully grasp it. It may be the mental busyness or the emotional overlay that keep us from feeling peaceful and in harmony with all that is. Once we reconnect to our inner silence we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, where all self healing mechanisms are sparked.


Essential oils are our teachers and helpers as they support our processes and activate the divine in us on all layers of our existence – physically, mentally emotionally energetically and spiritually.


I am happy to assist you with my knowledge on therapeutic essential oils and how you can bring ease and joy into your every day life while releasing all patterns or restrictions which no longer serve you in your evolutionary process.


This is my personal link for your orders.


Please be in touch for guidance in your specific circumstances.