VonHealing | Yoga
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I offer yoga classes in Prenzlauer Berg and give one on one yoga sessions in German and English. My approach is to have small groups to directly fit everybody’s needs. Therefore I tune in to the energies of the day as well as your own moment of development to meet your requirements. Yoga to me is always connecting body, mind and spirit. Therefore the classes will be highly transformative for you on many levels of your being. The classes include different types of yoga including Hatha, Raja, Yin, Kundalini and Bhakti yoga.


Tuesday 8:30am – Thursday 10:30am – Friday 9am
and other variable times each week.





single class 15 EUR –¬†10 classes 135,00 EUR – One on One 70 EUR


for 6 Month:
55 EUR a month (4 x yoga)
75 EUR a month (unlimited)


for 1 year:
50 EUR a month (4 x yoga)
70 EUR a month (unlimited)