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In the yogic way we exist out of 5 ‘Koshas’ which describe the layers of our appearance (Maya). We can clear and cleanse these layers with different techniques.



Physical – Annamaya kosha (Anna means food – nurturing)

Through guided detoxes and physical yoga practice I offer to help you cleanse your physical form.


Energetic – Pranamaya kosha (Prana means energy)

Irritations and blockages in your energetic field can be cleared in one on one sessions.


Mental/Emotional – Manamaya kosha (Mana means mind, processing thoughts and emotion)

Most dis-ease is created in the mental/emotional layer of your being. Through one on one sessions we can look into the space where it began and clear it out.


Wisdom – Vijnanamaya kosha (Vijnana means knowing)

Underneath the stream of thoughts and emotion is a place of stillness which reveals the truth of reality. Through guided meditation I help you to find that stillness so you can enter your higher consciousness.


Bliss – Anandamaya kosha (Ananda means bliss, where the Atman resides)

Our natural state of being is being blissful. It is unrelated to our outside circumstances and often is felt when we have passed through the other layers/koshas of our being. It is always present and can be accessed through deep meditation, Shaktipat and other forms of inner work.


The eternal center of consciousness, the space in you that can not be touched, it was never born and never dies.