VonHealing | Life Coaching
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Life Coaching

Spirituality is a doorway to your inner self. Dis-ease and unhappiness are often related to feelings and thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere and are felt now and here. That is exactly where wounds can be healed and patterns dissolved. To understand the within we have to look beyond which means to include your karmic and your soul path as well as your ancestral line.



I work with you one on one to see what it is exactly that your system wants to release and your spirit wants to heal. The sessions vary depending on your topics. With the help of the divine and the crystal and plant realms if needed, we can bring light into the unknown which helps you transform everything that your heart desires.

Skype sessions are possible also.


1,5h Session 90 EUR



In a group we come together to work with different types of meditations and reflect on our inner being to understand the bigger picture of self. Please be in touch for details.


Dates 2020:

March 27.-29.


July 09.-12.
with Matthieu